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[Sale] TOKU TSURU Tremella Apricot Kernel Drink (24 boxes)

Sun Ten

Product expiry date in September, 2019

Packed with nutrient-rich grains and beans, Toku Tsuru Multigrain Drink Series are made to provide you different health benefits. Just a pack of it can kickstart your day delightfully!

Formulated with nourishing tremella with pleasant nutty flavor and creamy texture, Toku Tsuru Tremella Apricot Kernel Drink is definitely your choice to breakfast or snack.

Ingredients Highlight: 

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Tremella health benefits:

  - Cardiovascular health (lower LDL cholesterol and plasma triglycerides)
  - Digestive health (high dietary fiber & polysaccharides act as prebiotics)
  - Skin moisturizing (contain plant collagen)


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Apricot Kernal health benefits:

   - Boost immune system
   - Antioxidant (lower free radicals)


Recommended for: All age groups, working adult, whole family

Ingredients: Non Dairy Creamer, Sugar, Maltodextrin, Apricot Kernel, Barley, Corn, Oat, Soybean, Embryo Oat Flour, Tremella, Buckwheat

Made in Taiwan

Weight: 1 carton (28g x 3 sachet/box x 24 boxes)

Storage Condition: Keep at a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Direction: Add each serving with 200ml - 250ml hot water according to your preference. Enjoy drink warm or hot as desired.

Precaution: This product contains gluten, soy and nut.

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